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Chocolate Boxes, Gift Baskets and Themed Gift Sets are great ideas that surprise and delight.  Tell us a little bit of information about the recipient and we will create something specific to their likes and lifestyles.  Personalization is also an option.  We can hand paint directly on the chocolate or create a Chocolate Bar with a custom wrapper.  We have Numbers and Letters in many styles and sizes.  Using the letters we can spell any name or message you wish.  Using the Numbers any Birthday or Anniversary year can become special, not just the Milestone years.

Chocolate Bars

make great party favours

Spell Anything You Want

with chocolate letters

Chocolate Boxes

eat the whole thing


Themed Gift Baskets

filled with classic gourmet items &

molded novelties

Personalized Kisses

surprise and delight

Themed Gift Sets

variety is endless - just ask