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Phone :  (519) 727-4235

215 Emery Drive, Emeryville, ON Canada



Sizes - 5"  8"  12"

Flavours - Dark Chocolate  Milk Chocolate  White Chocolate

All Crusts  -  Chocolate combined with Marshmallows

Pizzas can be customized to specific occasions, events or individuals by topping them with small Molded Novelty pieces.

Bring something different to your next office party or family gathering.

Festive Pizza  - Smartie Crisp Pizza drizzled with assorted colours of chocolates to reflect the appropriate season.

Choices of Crust  "Add-in's"

                 -Rice Krisps



                    - Candies

Signature Combinations

-  Toffee Crisp

-  Cookies 'n Creme

-  M&M Peanut

-  S'more

-  Smartie Crisp

-  Dark Chocolate Oreo

-  Pecan Caramel

-  Reese's Peanut Butter


-Skor Toffee Bits                  -Oreos

- Reese's Pieces                    - Rice Krisps

- M&M's                              - Variety of Nuts

-Smarties                             - *more not listed